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BVI's first annual fall festival!!

Ali Jensen
Aug 6, 2014 05:58 PM
As it is just a month away, it is officially time to announce our newest and most fantastic event of the year: we are beyond excited for everyone to join us at our first annual fall wine festival!! Italian, Portuguese and Spanish winemakers will all be in attendance to tell about their wines for the best and grandest tasting we've ever had.
We're lucky to have scored an equally incredible venue for our festival: Press Club San Francisco! Consider this our formal welcome to everyone who wants a taste of all the beautiful wines we plan to pour!
If you want to find out more about the BVI fall festival, contact Brad Jensen

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Boise Basque Wine Festival

Bryan Hinschberger
Aug 15, 2011 08:00 AM
Well... this past weekend was a blast!  Brad, Laura, and I all headed to Boise (Idaho) for Friday night's Basque Wine Festival.  Boise for one, is a super cool town... great nightlife, good vibe, good people... but two, they love their Basque celebrations!  Next to northern Spain, Boise has the largest concentration of Basque folk in the world!! Crazy eh?!  There is an entire city block in Boise that is called 'The Basque Block' that sports all sorts of great (& traditional) food, shops, history, etc.  So when the summer months hit.. so do the celebrations with the Basque culture.  Dancing, wine tasting, paella, tapas... it was a great party!
Being that we dabble a fair share in the importing of some killer Basque wines... we find it necessary to participate in just such occassions!  Barrique Distributing (who sells some of our portfolio in Idaho), let us take over half their table with Bon Vivant wines, and we poured and poured and poured!  Not to toot our own horn or anything... but hands down, everyone kept coming back to the BVI table to let us know how our wines were 'by far the best at the festival!'  No wonder too when we were pouring houses like Bodegas las Orcas and their '06 Crianza @ $15/btl & '01 Reserva @ $20/btl!!! A steal!!!
All orders that were placed that night were not only discounted to a very attractive price, but all proceeds go to the local Basque Museum, who keep the history, culture, and good times of the Basque population in Boise alive!  
Thank you Boise, and looking forward to next year's event!!!
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