Our Team

Brad Jensen is the President of Bon Vivant Imports.  Brad’s first career was in the tech world.  After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he went to work for Hewlett Packard in San Diego.  After many years in product development and manufacturing, HP gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse – the chance to move with his family to Spain and create a new engineering team.  While in Spain, Brad also completed an executive MBA at the University of Chicago’s European Campus and decided to put this degree to work founding a new company.   While living in and traveling through Europe for five years, Brad discovered a love for the history and traditions, people, and especially the foods and wines of Europe.  Hence the creation of Bon Vivant Imports.

“I am so grateful that we decided to jump into the wine world as it enabled me to take my love of food and wine and sharing these things with friends and family and incorporate these into my work life.  The more I delve into the world of wine and the more I learn, the more interesting it all becomes.  It is like reading a fantastic book that never ends.  I think the wine world in the US is in its most interesting phase as wine consumers discover more of the small family producers who have been making this magical drink for centuries.  I am excited and proud to be sharing our discoveries with our new friends in the wine community.  Drink well!”



Laura Kent-Jensen is the Vice President of Bon Vivant Imports.  After graduating from Stanford University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, she worked in the high tech industry for several years.  In 2000, she moved to Spain, where she served as President of the BFIS Commission while developing the business plan and portfolio for Bon Vivant Imports.  She now manages the operations for the business and eagerly participates in portfolio development activities.

“I love the wine world because it combines natural farming with the making of art. When I visit our wineries, I am impressed by this connection between the earthly endeavor and the higher ideal, as the wine-maker transforms ripe fruit from their land into a fine bottle of wine.  The healthy and sustainable methods they employ give me confidence that they are working with the best materials in crafting their wines.  But even with my engineering background, it is not the vinicultural science that draws me; it is the commitment to concept and leap of faith that result in a great wine.”




Bryan Hinschberger is Bon Vivant Imports' National Sales Manager.  Having started his wine career within many different restaurants’ walls, passion for food quickly developed into an overall enthusiasm for wine, spirits, food, and how they all play so well with one another.  Becoming a Certified Sommelier in 2009 through the Court of Master Sommeliers, Bryan’s efforts to continue learning and developing his palate are a constant goal for him.  Spending much time developing Bon Vivant’s ‘social image,’ Bryan looks forward to watching the growth of the company start at the consumer level, as his true passion sits with them and their natural reaction to this amazing beverage.

“There is something so surreal about wine and the way it brings people together.  From Mother Earth giving the most exceptional fruit in the world to the farmer; to the farmer or winemaker creating a true expression of what the fruit wants to say to us as if it could speak; to the consumption by each and every different person across the world that touches this magical juice…  Then we all sit around, talk, laugh, love, and enjoy the very thing that brought us all together- wine.”